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Here at Evolve we help you see beyond the pain and trauma and into a happy and content life regardless of the struggle.

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Our Therapy Services

We provide counselling and psychotherapy that helps you get a deeper understanding of your trauma, and decipher what has created that struggle. Our approach helps you live focus on building up and moving forward through understanding and awareness.

Family therapy

When things get tough within your family it can be hard to cope, situations bring up thoughts and feelings that you may need some help with.

Online therapy

You fear that going to therapy and having to arrange sessions around your trips might be overwhelming? Online counselling can save you a lot of troubles.

Couples counseling

Relationship struggles can be hard to cope with. We can help you and your partner see through the everyday bias and regain security and appreciation for what you've got..

Anxiety therapy

Anxiety can range from daily stress and worry to life-changing attacks which obstruct everyday life. We will help you pinpoint triggers and find the right tools to manage the attacks.

Trauma therapy

We take a gentle approach to helping you free yourself from the past challenges weighing on you, and affecting all your adult relationships.

Depression therapy

Occasional or chronic, depression can be debilitating. We will help you find ways around these feelings and regain control over your future.

Addiction Counselling

Addiction spreads into so many areas of life. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating, spending are just the symptoms, we help you get to the root causes and fend off the triggers.

Eating Disorders

We have a loving and gentle approach to connecting with and helping you overcome your eating disorder. This can be a deep dive into your beliefs around self, food and others.

Sex Therapy

Sex seems like a taboo subject for many, and getting help can seem daunting, but this is a common request and you are not alone in getting help for an intimate part of life.

Why Choose Therapy?

Here to Help You Find a Path Forward

Therapy is not a medication, and there is no chemistry involved in getting treatment with us. Instead, we value awareness, acknowledgement and appreciate effort. Therapy will guide you through the traumatic events in your life and help you build upon the involved emotions, creating a ladder to a successful, happy life.


from suffering

Get freedom from the past, from experiences and difficult relationships with a warm, gentle approach to understanding your own mind.


more joy

When we get an understanding of ourselves, we naturally live life in a more joyful and peaceful state, that is on offer for everyone.


a new world

When we start to see the deeper dimensions of life from a different perspective to our suffering. There is so much new potential.


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