How do I choose the right Therapist?


With your gut instinct, the right therapist will always help you choose with your gut instinct, that is part of what we learn in therapy, having a sense of what’s right for us, and it points to the most important factor, the relationship between client and therapist being the catalyst for change.

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How can I get the best out of therapy?


I will share with you some resources on how to get the best out of the experience, but it all starts with listening, with the willingness to be influenced. Many people can’t hear because they think they know. Show up with an open mind, and life changing opportunities will present themselves.

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Are sessions confidential?


Yes all therapy sessions are confidential. Although there are some exceptions, if you are about to, or have hurt someone else or yourself. If a child has been harmed or is in danger. If information is requested for a legal case, or if you reveal you are a terrorist.

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How many sessions should I have?


We start off with 6 sessions, as this will give you enough time to explore what you are struggling with, and also get a feel for the therapist and the process of understanding you are in. This should also give you enough time to see if you want to work together longer term.

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What happens during therapy?


In its simplest form therapy is a conversation about what you are struggling with, we get to look in a new direction and see how things could be different. You get support through your journey of understanding and life starts to look a lot better, easier, more fun.

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